10 Ghanaian Songs You Need To Send To Your Lover Or Partners Today!

10 Ghanaian Songs You Need To Send To Your Lover Or Partners Today!

When words fail you, music is always there for you. Here are some amazing Ghanaian songs you may or may not have heard that will be PERFECT for that romantic setting, would make the perfect message to someone or can just languish in your playlists…you choose. We are putting you on game!

Darkua – Echo

Before you listen to this, just have a peek at what Darkua looks like and imagine her serenading you every time you hear the song. Each time she sings about feeling the echo, you can softly say “yes” and your day will get better. There’s no way you’d send this to your partner and they wouldn’t blush

Amaarae – Like It

Throw in her whole discography while you’re at it because Amaarae’s voice feels like a silk sheet being wrapped around you. “Like It” is an amazingly sweet song that says everything real lovers would want to say to their partners & lovers. Guaranteed, sharing this with anyone would turn them to mush!

Mega EJ – Easily

Another perfect mix of sweet nothings for the real lovers with enough content to set the tone for all the naughty stuff you wish to do to each other later (or now)…don’t ask us, we are just helping you set the tone.

Worlasi – Comot

You know that feeling? When you can’t get someone out of your head because you are so down bad and you keep seeing them in everyone and everywhere, thinking about them constantly. The video tells a different story tho, of wanting someone you cannot have and if the shoe fits…be brave and send this song to that person now! T’is the season! Love is in the air right?

T’neeya – Pretty Mind

Never say we did nothing for you! T’neeya’s “Pretty Mind” is the perfect message to a talking stage you are hoping to elevate. Everything you want to say is in the lyrics and if you have no game…you’re welcome!

Gyakie – Need Me

Definitely among Gyakie’s top tracks, “Need Me” stands out for me compared to her breakthrough hit “Forever.” “Need Me” is an irresistibly smooth song and Gyakie’s style of communicating feelings in a language you can easily relate to makes this song the perfect spokesperson for those feelings you are feeling

Sarkodie ft King Promise – Anadwo

You could just write down the lyrics of the chorus and hit send to your partner and let the words do the magic. “Anadwo” is the perfect love song for today mainly because it promises a night of unbridled romantic passion and…that’s what Valentine’s represents right? Candlelights and some action!

Essilfie ft Cici Yeboah – Aben Woha

This is a perfect song to set the tone for a cute dance moment with you and your partner. I love that it’s danceable and still sexy AF. It’s the voices, the lyrics over a beat that’s telling you to bust some moves. Have fun with this song together

Shatta Wale – Borjor

HEAR ME OUT. Forget the artist and all the surrounding controversies that are making you slowly start to cringe and immerse yourself in the musicality of this song. Perfect song to have your partner giggling wherever they are. You wouldn’t want anyone else doing that but you

Larrusso – Midnight

This is for the forgotten ones. The situationships. The ones who only share a purely sexual relationship, are ‘side tings’ but don’t want to miss out on the magic of Valentine’s Day. The song is poetic if you think about it because whoever you send this song to knows that definitely, no matter what, after you’re done with your love duties, like the times you always visit…“in the midnight, you’d come.”

you’re welcome!

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