Ajebo Hustlers Feature Odumodu Blvck On “Celine Dion”

Ajebo Hustlers Feature Odumodu Blvck On “Celine Dion”

Ajebo Hustlers stands out as one of Nigeria’s most impressive music duos. Consisting of rapper
Knowledge and singer Piego. They released a new song titled “Celine Dion”. The song is an Afropop bop,
lined with the distinctive electric wittiness that defines this duo from Port Harcourt.

Ajebo Hustlers and Odumodu Blvck come together on “Celine Dion,” hitting the bullseye where top-
notch production, creative writing, collaborative synergy, and expressive pidgin elements converge. The
song astutely weaves a wordplay, connecting the legendary crooner’s style with the pursuit of pleasure.

Cover art for Celine Dion

Reflecting on the genesis of the song, Ajebo Hustlers expressed, “We actually wanted a song that had
direction to the celebrating the African woman, creating a good feel song for the ladies, just like a
gangster being in love. So, we got into the studio with Wondah, a producer we have previously
worked with and gave him the idea we had, he created the beat and we created the melodies and
verses to it.”

While recording, especially in the hook that includes the line “She give me groundnut and Kolanut” the duo brings attention to the cultural significance in the African setting. These gestures symbolize a significant level of dedication and heartfelt intentions when a man is searching for a life companion.

Serving as a foretaste for their forthcoming “Bad Boy Etiquette 102” album slated for 2024, “Celine Dion” stands out as the principal single set to capture the audience’s attention.

Stream Here: https://onerpm.link/celine-dion

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