Don’t get used to this: afrosoul singer wurld drops New Ep

Don’t get used to this: afrosoul singer wurld drops New Ep

Nigerian singer WurlD released his latest EP, Don’t Get Used To This, on Nov. 10 via his own WEAREGVDS/Addictive Content imprints. The project launched with the release of the infectious new single “Sarafina.” A brilliant showcase of WurlD’s distinctive AfroSoul sound, “Sarafina” sees the singer waxing poetic about an intoxicating new love over a whimsical, addictive rhythm co-produced by himself and Nigeria’s Olaleye “Drizz” Toluwani.  

Sarafina by Wurld

“Sarafina” follows the propulsive summer anthem “Location,” which reunited WurlD with iconic afrobeats producer Sarz (Beyonce, Wizkid, Drake), his sidekick on the 2019 collaborative EP, ILGWT (I Love Girls With Trobul).

Don’t Get Used To This showcases WurlD’s evolution as a singer, songwriter, and producer. At the same time, it’s his most rhythmically consistent project to date, steeped in the distinctive pulse of Lagos, Nigeria, where he’s recently returned to live. The EP is his inaugural release under Addictive Content, a new imprint he’s created to shine a light on the future sounds and next generation of African talent.“Don’t Get Used To This is a love project centered on embracing the present moment,” WurlD says. “We immerse ourselves in the depth of feelings and emotions experienced in the here-and-now, without dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. While this love is undeniably enchanting, we remember that tomorrow remains uncertain. Enjoy these sounds but don’t get used to this”

WurlD has been a transformative force in music since pioneering the AfroSoul wave with 2016’s “Show You Off” (featuring Shizzi and Walshy Fire), a track heralded for adding a new melodic element to the then-burgeoning afrobeats movement. 

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, but based between Atlanta and L.A. for much of his career, WurlD has seamlessly straddled the worlds of afrobeats and R&B, penning tracks for, and collaborating with, artists including B.O.B., Akon, Mario and Davido. It was for the latter that he co-wrote 2019’s “Blow My Mind” featuring Chris Brown. One of the most successful fusions of afrobeats and R&B, with over 90 million YouTube views and close to 200 million streams, it’s been recognized for setting a new standard for collaborations between African and American artists. 

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