#EasternChildPutYouOn: Avit’s “Know Better”

#EasternChildPutYouOn: Avit’s “Know Better”

For the “EasternChild Put You On” segment, we present a compelling new track by Ghanaian Alternative and Afro-Fusion artist Avit. His latest release, “Know Better,” dropped on April 4, 2024, and showcases Avit’s continued evolution as a thought-provoking yet groove-inducing musician. His style is unique and immediately jumps out at you, offering you a taste of a unique and addictive sound.

“Know Better” is a song produced by 2Shuus and performed by Avit. Through this song, Avit urges listeners to reflect on their lives and take accountability for their actions. The song encourages listeners to recognize that their challenges are not solely caused by external factors, but also by their contributions.

With its captivating blend of African rhythms and Hip-Hop influences, “Know Better” is a captivating addition to any personal playlist. The track’s foundation, expertly crafted by 2Shuus, sets the stage for Avit’s impactful musical message. Fans of Avit’s politically charged and socially conscious lyrics are sure to embrace this latest release.

Listen to “Know Better” on all major digital streaming platforms and immerse yourself in Avit’s compelling musical narrative here: https://onerpm.link/KnowBetter

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