#EasternChildPutYouOn: Iyke Parker & Leonardo DDJ’S “Pain And Pleasure” ft 99Phaces

#EasternChildPutYouOn: Iyke Parker & Leonardo DDJ’S “Pain And Pleasure” ft 99Phaces

“Life of the party and I give it my all” is one of the lines that is bound to catch your attention as you listen to Iyke Parker and Leonardoddj’s latest single. Teaming up with Ghanaian collective 99phaces, the duo releases their second single as they build up the release of their joint project later this year. 

With verses from Anabel Rose and Freddie Gambini, the house themed song is laced with an infectious chorus and catchy bridge which embodies the groovy feel that comes with the summer. The song encourages listeners to let loose and destress after experiencing the gruesome and tiresome couple of months. 

Produced by Iyke Parker, Pain and Pleasure has been dubbed a summer anthem. You can stream the single on all DSPs.

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