For My Brothers Live: A Review

For My Brothers Live: A Review

Written By: Nana Kojo Mula

They say good things come to those who wait, but they never tell you how emotional it gets when that good thing finally happens to you. That is how patrons over the weekend felt at Kojo Cue’s event.

In 2019, Kojo Cue dropped his album “For My Brothers,” which was well received, with many crowning it as one of the best Ghanaian albums of all time. During this period, many had called for a concert to celebrate the release of a master piece, but fans were met with disappointment as the concert never happened. However, whoever gave us the phrase “never say never” was in their bag because you never truly say never. After taking a hiatus from music, Kojo Cue made a return to the music space with the release of his new project “I am Back,” and as the universe will have it, he decided to crown it with the long-awaited “For My Brothers Concert.”

The event that took place over the weekend at the Nubuke Foundation in Accra was the highlight of the weekend, despite the many other activities that happened over the weekend. This writer applauds the work put in by the organizers in not only putting this together but also the measures put in place for the publicity of the event and the execution of the event itself.

While the event slightly delayed in starting, everything went smoothly, with organizers making sure they did not keep patrons longer than required at the venue. As someone who has been to the venue for multiple events, this felt different. Security on the night was on point, with a visible security presence that not only kept people safe but also assisted people who needed help locating something or places.

Attendees were welcomed into the venue with Kojo Cue’s music on full blast, taking us down memory lane from his old songs down to songs on his new project with DJ Scooby behind the deck. Scooby turned the concert into a kareoke ground as hundreds of us sang back-to-back Kojo Cue songs, but it was quickly cut short as Mc on the night Randy Walker took the stage to officially kick off the event. The openers of the event, 99Phaces, gave a good account of themselves as they treated the audience with some great music and performances. Reynolds, The Gentleman, and Josh Black followed through with their performances.

Next on stage was the man of the moment, Kojo Cue, who began his set with an emotional performance of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The crowd quickly hijacked the performance, and if they had their way, they would have joined Kojo on stage to perform the song. He went on to perform Dua and the other many songs on the project. If you feel the commentary on social media about the project was all hype, you should have been there to see how connected people were to the songs as they were performed by Kojo Cue.

There were several guest appearances, including an electrifying guest appearance by Nyame Nipa Ayisi as he joined Cue on stage to perform Wonsa Beka. Surprisingly, before he (Ayisi) got on stage, the crowd did an a cappella performance of the song, much to the amazement of Kojo and Ayisi, who had gotten on stage at the time. While some featured acts on the tape could not make it for their set, which saddenpatrons, they sang and rapped along louder. There was a blend of music, dance, and theater at the event. For a brief moment, it felt like we were at church service as clips rolled of people sharing what the project did for them and how it impacted their lives.

All in all, it may have taken four years to get this concert, but these four years were worth the wait. To anyone who missed the event, you missed out on one of the best put-together events so far this year. Unlike other events where audiences are not parioritzed and left with a bitter experience, the FMB concert put their audience first and delivered nothing short of a brilliant event. From the organization, security, lighting, sound, food, drinks, and execution of performances, this event will be talked about for years and serve as a benchmark for others who would want to put together a concert of such nature.

photo credit: Abdul Arafat

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