Kenyan Artist, King Kerby Drops HipHop Banger, “Niko Order”

Kenyan Artist, King Kerby Drops HipHop Banger, “Niko Order”

“Niko Order” is Kenyan slang for “I’m All Set” or “I’m Good” in English translation. This will be King Kerby’s second official release of the year on the heels of his January-released single “DEUCE” alongside fast-rising Jo’Burg-based rapper Ta’Eish.

“This song was inspired by my love for the sound Zino D and LD Beats have been able to pioneer in Cape Town and how it’s made an impact on not just the South African Hip Hop scene but the entire continent” King Kerby states.

Produced by Zino D and LD Beats, the two have been cornerstone figures in the ‘SABA’ soundscape. Producing spacey, bouncy, and emotively atmospheric records that allow King Kerby’s wide-spawning vocals that can cut across a low-end bassy feel on several cuts on ‘SABA’ to a more saccharine tone as evidenced on tracks like “OUT THE WAY” and “SUMMERTIME”, “Niko Order” is set to thrill fans.

“Kerby is going to blow up and dominate the music scene, and this is not a hope, it’s more like a premonition and a feeling he has been able to create through his music, ventures, and more” ZAMA Sessions Co-founder Elsie Gitau shares.

“Niko Order” is a trunk-booming cut that reaffirms Kerby’s deposition as one of East Africa’s most riveting and idiosyncratic acts with his alternative Hip Hop, Trap, Afro-futurist and R&B sound palette. Deeds Magazine in the UK labels him “A breath of fresh air in neo-Africa’s Hip Hop ecosphere” as he treads on topics such as wellness, empowerment, and all-round savviness of excellence.

“I wanted to make a record that pays homage to the moment I’m experiencing as an artist, the amazing people I’m blessed to work with and the vastness of creativity I’ve been blessed to conjure and explore. “Niko Order” is the enigma of everything being perfectly aligned.”

Between his Unkut nomination for Alternative Artist of The Year, ‘SABA’s’ success, and being a trendsetter in his street-luxe apparel, Kerby is on the verge of a successful launch of the ‘SABA DELUXE’.

Listen here: NIKO ORDER

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