By Joella Nuer

Neo-soul maestro Ogranya returns with a mesmerising new track. With his ability to enchant people with his music, the Nigerian-born groove master elevates his craft with the single ‘Swing’. Released as a surprise drop on 23 November 2023, ‘Swing’ encapsulates the bottomless thirst of a lover. Featuring Nigerian singer Shorae Moore, Ogranya brings this heady, intoxicating song to life.

‘Swing’ can be described musically as an exhilarating blend of R&B and Afrobeats with a Neo-pop base. With top-notch vocals and lyrics from Ogranya and LordKnowz on production duties, ‘Swing’ takes the audience on a sensual voyage by exploring what it means to intensely want someone. Ogranya’s vocals take on a heady feel, luring the listener into a hypnotic state whilst ad-libs by Ghanaian singer Adomaa add flavour and give the song a buoyant feeling.

The undulating melody properly aligns with the song’s theme. The Afrobeats elements introduce a bouncy rhythm into the song, elevating the melody. To give the vocals room to shine, the baseline is kept simple. Due to this, all the elements of ‘Swing’ merge to give the listener a levitating feeling in the final product.

While Ogranya often strays towards more conservative lyrics, he decided to show a new side in this single.  By experimenting with mixing his typical style with more luxuriating lines, ‘Swing’ embraces the phrase ‘classy sexy’. The lyrics “Swing like jangolova. If I catch you baby issolova, put my lips all over you. Swing those hips come closer” have Ogranya’s usual mix of English and Pidgin.

With lines like “Cos I dey craze for your case. Girl believe me” and “Oh girl, my mission is to attend to your need. You make a badda man craze,” featured artist Shorae’s verse further emphasises the wanton abandonment experienced by the lover. His lines nicely complement the overall vibe of the song.

Ogranya shows his creativity with the smooth blending of genres and the incorporation of unique ad-libs in this new track. The soul strummer is ready to spread his wings and further his artistry starting with ‘Swing’.

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