Ria Boss To Host Lady Donli and The Lagos Panic In Accra This March

Ria Boss To Host Lady Donli and The Lagos Panic In Accra This March

Ria Boss kicks off 2024 with #RIABOSSPRESENTS, an avenue to celebrate her favourite artists
while providing music lovers in Accra with the best concert experience. The first edition,
scheduled for March 14, 2024, will host Nigerian singer Lady Donli and The Lagos Panic. The
intimate concert will be held at the Barndoor Beergarden. The show comes after the neo-soul
singer released the music video for “Real Love” from her debut live album Remember, and after
she featured in the music video for Asa’s “Odo.”

music artist and band

This will be the second time Boss and Donli interact after they headlined Sunday Best, a
WATWOMXN x AYA Editions concert in 2021. Now, after lighting up Lagos in December with a
residency that saw Lady Donli and her incredible band The Lagos Panic headline at the Lagos
Irish Pub of the Eko Hotel every Friday in December, the “Thunderstorm in Surulere” hitmakers
are bringing their fiery sound to Accra.

Over the years, Ria Boss has established herself as a powerhouse performer and phenomenal
neo-soul/R&B vocalist. In recent times, she has curated quality live music events in Accra in her
capacity as a community leader, creative director, and event producer.

After her 2022 debut of her headline show and production, Cat Mama World: The Ria Boss
Experience, Boss and her creative art house, “Kitty Palace” have supported productions such as
“The Goodbye Gold Coast Listening Experience,” “Kisses Under the Moon” – Valentine Cabaret
with The Mix, Pop Muvas, and Cat Mama World: The Pop Up. She has also served as the
curator for #RiaBossOpenMic, which has become a haven for up-and-coming talent in Accra

RiaBossOpenMic has platformed over 100 artists and 30+ headliners, and their stage has seen the incredible talents of TiTi Owusu, Ms. Fu, Ko-Jo Cue, AratheJay, Haeven, Esstheleged,
99Phaces, and more!

Get your tickets here: Ria Boss’ events

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