T’neeya features M.anifest on “Tonic No Lime” remix

T’neeya features M.anifest on “Tonic No Lime” remix

T’neeya has released the remix of “Tonic No Lime (TNL),” featuring the godMC M.anifest.
A powerful affirmation of self-belief and resilience, TNL was born out of personal struggles and
triumphs. The song promises to uplift listeners and instill a sense of empowerment.
In “Tonic No Lime (TNL),” T’neeya shares her journey of overcoming doubt and embracing her
greatness. Drawing from her own experiences, she penned the lyrics as a reminder of the
importance of self-confidence and perseverance in the face of challenges.

M.anifest spiced up “TNL” with some thought-provoking but quotable rap lines which gave the
song an excellent vibe.
“Not only am I a big fan of M.anifest and very inspired by his music, I was certain I needed a
certain type of energy lyrically and performance wise. That is exactly what he effortlessly
brought to the table,” T’neeya explained on featuring M.anifest.

“Tonic No Lime” remix is a single off T’neeya’s forthcoming EP “In Her Thoughts”
Listen to “Tonic No Lime” remix here: https://rainlabs.lnk.to/TNL-remix

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