EasternChild Put You On: Cozypols’ Menko Me Hemaa

EasternChild Put You On: Cozypols’ Menko Me Hemaa

Every week we will bring you one song that the editor on the Eastern Child team has been feeling. This song will span across different genres from GH and beyond.

Today, we are listening to Cozypols. Menko Me Hemaa

If you’re a big fan of the music collective 99Phaces, then you might just know this song. “Me Nko Me Hemaa” has been performed multiple times by the Ghanaian artist Cozypols. (Yes, he’s a member of the collective). It’s a hip-hop track that brings back memories of 90s rap and R&B collaborations. While Cozypols doesn’t do any singing in the song, it’s still very catchy and makes you feel like you CAN sing along. The song is basically a love ballad, and it’s sweet how the promotional pictures show him gazing out the window at his muse in the garden on the cover art.

poetic right?

Give it a listen. Let us know what you think

CozPols – Me Nko Me Hemaa

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