Embracing Gratitude With Efya’s Song & Testimony: ‘My Helper (Oluwa)’

Embracing Gratitude With Efya’s Song & Testimony: ‘My Helper (Oluwa)’

Efya’s journey towards becoming an artist has been marked by determination, passion, and a relentless
pursuit of her dreams. She began her musical journey at a young age, honing her skills as a vocalist and
songwriter while navigating the challenges of life.

Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and her faith, she has crafted a unique sound that is both refreshing and authentic. God (Oluwa) has always been her driving force to achieve her goals against all odds.

Ghanaian female singer/artiste Efya
Ghanaian singer, Efya releases new single, My Helpee (OLUWA)

With “My Helper (Oluwa)” Efya demonstrates her artistic versatility, showcasing her songwriting skills
and her ability to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level. The track is masterfully produced by
Loudaa, blending intricate instrumentation with modern production techniques to create a contemporary sound that resonates with a wide audience.

“My Helper (Oluwa)” is just a glimpse into Efya’s life as an artist. With her distinct voice and compelling
storytelling ability, she is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry. Her dedication to
spreading positivity and hope through her music sets her apart as an artist who not only entertains but
uplifts and inspires.

As Efya continues to evolve as an artist, fans can expect more powerful and thought-provoking music
that pushes boundaries and encourages self-reflection. With her unwavering determination and
infectious spirit, she is destined to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners
worldwide. “My Helper (Oluwa)” is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

Stream: https://onerpm.link/Efya-MyHelper

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