Ghanaian Collective SuperJazzClub Releases Eclectic ‘MONOCHROME RADIO’ EP

Ghanaian Collective SuperJazzClub Releases Eclectic ‘MONOCHROME RADIO’ EP

Interdisciplinary Ghanaian collective, SuperJazzClub, are out with their much-anticipated EP – ‘MONOCHROME RADIO’. Alongside the release comes a focus single, ‘UNO’, featuring BenjiFlow.

Consisting of 5 distinct tracks, “MONOCHROME RADIO” is SuperJazzClub’s created sonic world with no limits or boundaries where anything can exist as a soundscape. It is a musical symbol of free expression where each track mixes and incorporates song structures that are at home with both niche sounds as well as conventionally mainstream tonalities.

“This is a step into the major league. The rookie seasons are over.
Monochrome Radio is our expression of what we want to turn on the radio
and hear but more than that, it is our nod to the past and how the sounds
we grew up listening to have shaped our creative outputs as new age
African artists planting our feet around the world.”
– SuperJazzClub

Self-described as a “fusion project”, the EP is the collective’s interpretation of what they think radio or fans’ music library should sound like in this current time. It blends the sounds of early 2000s R&B with Ghanaian Hiplife. Also present across the songs are remnants of dancehall and electronic rhythms.

The arrival of ‘MONOCHROME RADIO’ comes on the heels of previously released singles ‘OFF’ and ‘911’. The latter in particular was praised for its unorthodox yet groovy production. Magnetic and eerie in tone, the aural tale of how karma can manifest was noted for its mixture of dub reggae, hip-hop, soul and new wave.

To mark the release of the EP, SuperJazzClub has unveiled ‘UNO’ featuring British artist-producer BenjiFlow as its third single. A synthesis of black diasporic synergies, Benji’s Jamaican heritage seamlessly blends with SuperJazzClub’s Ghanaian flavour to simulate the vibe and ambience of an underground basement party.

“It was a beautiful and seamless moment working with Benji. Øbed pulled out a pack of beats at the session and that beat happened to be the last one we played and he instantly connected with it. The energy in the studio was full blast from then on. It’s a song inspired by the things we love to talk about like life, God, relationships and money,” the collective shared about working with BenjiFlow.

After spending the last few years releasing singles and mini-EPs which had tracks including 2022’s ‘MAD’ and 2023’s ‘WICKED’, MONOCHROME RADIO’ marks SuperJazzClub’s first proper project since 2020’s ‘For All The Good Times’ EP which featured standout tracks ‘Till The Morning’ and ‘Cellular’.
The collective are due to play the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland on July 7 and Pete The Monkey Show in France on July 13 before their headline tour of Europe across five countries in October.

Listen MONOCHROME RADIO on all streaming platforms here.

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